Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Bright Star Is Mine

hi People..
Once i open up my eyes and i look into the sky,
i'm forgetting all the things that come to me..
then.. when i close my eyes..
i'm become a dreamer .. to be the star high above the sky there..
and wondering to be the brightens among them..
to make sure that i can give the brightens light to world..
And You
We are too far ..
live at a different part of world..
i'm here with the moon..
and you alone there..
then i send you a star
to be sure you are happy
remember me
in every single of you breath
leave me you heart..
gimme the air of you soul
now and forever..


P/s: I create it by my own.. ntah sy pn tia tw ayat tu dtg dr mna..haha
kesan dr kebosanan yg melampau ( i guess )..hehe maka tercernalah
sajak 'rojak' seperti di atas.. nevermind..
' Mencuba adalah yg terbaik, dr bermimpi'
yupp.. thing so, enjoy it reader :)


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