Sunday, February 6, 2011

Untuk Awak +_+


You'll wait
For fate
And Eliminate
The hate
Erase the slate
For memories it may create
Or ways it may bait
Your mind's debate
On the perfect soul mate

It's the truth
It's life, the only way
I'll beg you to stay
But you'll turn away
And I'll stray
In a disarray
To betray
Or delay

The feelings today
Set out on display
Like roses in a bouquet
Turning Grey
As they obey
And convey
Love's judgment day.

Memories, they'll paint a tainted picture
Where his laughter is now your tears
What you once had are now your fears

The things you have lost
The things you have gained

The way the demon in you reigned
Wishing on stars that don't exist
Caught up in that distant bliss

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